The Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program (AAH) offers organizations, volunteer groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to their community and province by removing litter from roadsides or interchanges/exits. By “adopting” a section of provincial roadway, a group pledges to complete one to two roadside cleanups per year, renewing every three years. After the group has completed two cleanups, the Adopt-A-Highway program will requisition signs to be installed along the cleanup route by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal of Nova Scotia (TIR), at no cost to the group.  Any highway, road, street, and exit is available for adoption with the exception of 100-Series Highways or any roadway deemed unsafe.

Annapolis Valley Geocachers Spring 2017 Cleanup

To date, the Adopt-A-Highway Program has over 170 groups who have adopted more than 1,000 kilometers of secondary roads and eighteen 100-Series Highway Interchange areas (Exits) throughout the province. On average, six thousand bags of garbage and recyclable materials are picked up along adopted Nova Scotia roadways each year.