Litter Sweep Contest

The Litter Sweep Contest is our annual contest that awards volunteer groups with an opportunity to win cash prizes! Groups submit pictures of the most unusual piece of litter found
along their adopted route during their spring cleanup to our office. The first place winners will receive $200.00, second place $100.00, and third place $50.00. The winner’s pictures may also
be featured on our website, Facebook page, and our newsletter LITTERature.

Our next contest will run from April 1st, 2018 until July 13th, 2018. To submit entries please forward a picture and a brief description of the item to our office. All entries must be received by our office no later than July 13th, 2018. Winners will be chosen by an external panel of judges and each group may submit up to two entries per year/contest. Entries may be emailed, mailed, or submitted via the form below.

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Item Information

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  • photos should be in jpg format
  • size should not be larger than 3 MB
  • please be patient while submitting a report with a photo attached - it might take a little while!